Monday, January 20, 2014

Struggles in Zacks Zone

well i am certainly jealous! that looks really cool! i do want to travel in whatever free time that i have when im home. Im glad you got to meet helamen it would be cooler to meet Moroni or Samuel the lamanite but Helamen will do. i was compared to samuel the Lamanite by the missionaries in my zone so i guess ill take that, he was cool! thats a lot of cool things to learn about the history of those people and how close it is to our religion. how did you find all that time to travel. things here are doing well. Our zone is kinda slipping but that's because of apostasy so we are working on that. we spent a whole day outside our area and up in the hills and there are problems with not only the missionaries but also some of the members. we are working with them through the AP's the mission president and the stake president its kind of a mess but luckily transfers are coming up next Monday so my pday will be tuesday by the way. we are looking forward to a great February our leaders here are pretty strong and really helping us out a lot. i honestly am grateful for our sister training leaders they have helped us the most! my companion wants to write a biography on me title "cheese is good" the "oh my business" edition haha! he is weird but fun! we are really trying hard for a baptism this month, we have been asked to baptize once a month and i been doing so since April so i dont want to stop but its hard when more than half our time is in meeting and the hills haha! thanks for the chocolate grenade im going to take great pics with it and then EAT IT YUM! we are having a great end of month with lots of miracles though so next month is when we will do great! i talked to Jeremy, i don't think he is coming back early for me so i dunno how you want to swing that. well things are good and life is great and im trying to just enjoy my mission while i can because time is flying so fast i cant even believe it! oh also do you still have contact with austin colley? well love ya! enjoy the world and how amazing it truly is!

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