Monday, January 6, 2014

Zacks Zone still setting records!

i am da bomb! like the Book Of Mormon? my ego needs a boost everyday! :) we had a pretty intense situation where we had an elder run away up in the hills. it took us about 8 hours to find him and we found out in a correlation meeting with the stake president so that was nice haha! we found him now though and all is well other than his comp is having a hard time with that hole thing so now we are going up to the hills to be with him which means less work will be done with our area :( things are well though! i love it here and we are having fun! as for my meds i switched doctors ill be going up to roseville and seeing some specialist there on Monday. i been not having fun on the Meds. my BP has only lowered slightly and my pulse has been in the 40's and 50's i been also getting really bad feelings after i do sports i feel super weak and my heart beats super hard and i feel like im having a heart attack! so yea time to get off those meds haha :) anyway im still going strong we have a sister in our zone thats doing pretty and too. she hasnt really been able to eat for about 3 months and so we have the same doc and we hitch a ride up to roseville or are trying so its easier she is a sister training leader so really all our leadership is dying haha! however we are still leading the mission! we have exceeded our goals for 3 months running and we have been doing really good! we are trying to see dawn this week now that she is back and we got a new investigator which is good since we have been really struggling finding people to teach so we are excited! things are great here! im happy to be a missionary! i hope all is well with you all! and i cant believe ammon is getting married! send an invite! well i hope all is well and kate is doing well have a great day! keep the fam alive and moving! next stop is kevins marriage i guess haha! bye!

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