Monday, January 6, 2014

Jeremy teaches a suicidal atheist!

HOLA!!! So this has been a crazy crazy week... That testimony is the testimony that is in my heart, I love this work and I love God. We'll have to see if Bullcut and I pass the Werewolf game, sounds risky to me. I'm definitely open to new things though. Ammon has a fiance? also how did you put the thingy above the e??? I wish I could do that. WOOT WOOT FOR KATIE ON THE SCHOLARSHIP!!!! I'm gonna kick your butt at racquetball when I get back!!! I haven't played since Springfield but hey I'll definitely give it a good try and win! WHAT ON EARTH! How are you already on your one year?? That's really weird man, I'll tell ya, definitely doesn't feel like its been a year. Send me some pictures. So its transfer day.. I'M STAYING!! Sadly Moony is going.. He'll be Training in a brand new area! I'm so pumped for him. I'm training again also. I'm definitely pumped. For some reason President decided to keep me a solo ZL. Most of the others are kickin it with new Zone Leaders. I was definitely hoping I would get to train a new ZL but the leadership is still really scarce. I'm happy that I've got some trust though. Life is going to be crazy again. So this week we had one of the craziest experiences on the mission so far. So me and Elder Montierth and then Sis. Purcell and Renslow were preparing for our Zone Training Meeting in the FHC. Then this guy walks in and says "The voices and light told me to come to you, so lets fix this".... I thought that it was the Sister's investigator, but it wasn't. They thought it was one of ours, definitely wasn't. He then tells us something to the effect of that God took him to us to heal him and if we weren't able to then he was going to go kill himself. So its me the English ZL, the Spanish ZL, and then 2 of the Sister Trainer Leaders all in one room with a suicidal guy. Some how we left the church unlocked, both of the STL's lessons fell through so they could be there and this guy finds us in a building he's never been in before.... We start to throw down doctrine, teach from the scriptures, expound on one another, and testify of Christ in the boldest way that I've done so far on the mish. This guy didn't believe in God, Christ, or anything. We knew with out a doubt that we could heal him if he would accept Christ, but he wasn't willing to. After about an hour we told him how he will be healed. He said that he would do everything we asked and we prayed with him and he left. The spirit took control of each of us and we taught with the power and authority that only God has. It was one of the craziest things I've ever been a part of. I know that God was in that room and that God took him to us so that we could save his life. I still haven't stopped freaking out about it. I know that God is involved in this work and I'm just so happy that he trust's me enough to let me be a part of his work. I've seen so many miracles over the last 4 1/2 months and I'm happy that I get to stay and finish the work the Lord has for me in Turner ward. I love these people, I understand now the importance of Charity in our lives thanks to my stay here. John 13,14, 15 have changed my life since I've really studied them. Look into them! Especially 14:31, one of the greatest verses ever. I love all of you so much, I pray for you and please pray for Amy Fraser and the Fraser family. They are my family out here, they are the greatest! Pray that her heart will continue to soften! I love ya and hope that life is great! Love ya'll. Tell Jason and Kevin and Katie that I love em!! Elder Larsen Sr.

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