Monday, April 14, 2014

Amazing experiences in Wilton Zone with Zack

well i didnt get anything from kate so i dunno what the big news is. anyway All is well here we actually had a pretty amazing week! I CANT BELIEVE YOU WENT TO THE HOLY OF HOLIES!!! thats nuts! i think i would go there and die haha! thats amazing! we have a struggling missionary in this transfer alone he had his comp get sick and go home (he is coming back) and two emergency transfers and so he is very discouraged. we went over and did a sit down pep talk essentially and gave him advice that i didnt know i even had! the spirit was so strong and amazing! i loved ever second of helping this missionary. we gave him a blessing and had an experience i prolly wont share over email but essentially it was an apostolic experience and it was amazing leaving us all saying well.... gospels true! so amazing! the work is great! we are working harder than ever we found an INV that we contacted and said "i been taught everything already and i been to church i just need to know its true" we just found him on the street and he recited every lesson back to us. so we took him up to a temple tour and it was amazing and then another INV walked into teh church for us and said "what doi need to do to be baptized" its just been so many miracles! i love serving others and i love helping others as well! the missionaries are some of my favorite people to just sit down with and see what i can do to help. when i got here they all hated the zone leaders i guess my comps last comp was not so kind to them so we had a lot of repairing to do. we get along super well and the zone likes us a lot now. its been tough but so amazing to just show people how motivated by their success we truly are and how much we love them. this work is great imlearning a lot but im also bummed our mission president goes home like a month before me so i have a departing interview with the new guy which i dont want because he doesnt even know me at all. and trunky papers are the papers that give us the itinerary to go home there are 4 sets of different ones im on my first set with my comp since we go home pretty much same time haha! well love yall bye!!!!

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