Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No email from Jeremy but this from his Mission Pres!

1 April 2014 Dear Elder Jeremy Scott Larsen, Congratulations on your new calling as an Assistant to the President in the Oregon Salem Mission! This honor and responsibility comes to only a handful of missionaries in the entire world. As an assistant to the mission president, you will be responsible for the training and welfare of missionaries throughout the entire mission. Your first priority will be to be successful in planning, finding, teaching and baptizing of individuals in your own area. You will participate in companionship exchanges, primarily with zone leaders to help train and motivate them. You will be responsible for coordinating the activities associated with missionaries returning home, new missionaries arriving in the field, and the transfer of missionaries to new areas. You will be asked to study the scriptures, receive revelation, and teach from Preach My Gospel and the Missionary handbook in mission leadership councils, zone conferences and specialized training. Finally, you will be asked to be a confidant and representative of the mission president. This will require maturity and a commitment to excellence in all you do. Your parents and priesthood leaders will also receive a copy of this message. I would like them to know of the sincere gratitude I have for this Elder. You can be proud of the type of missionary he has become; he is the Lord’s finest. The call to leadership is best done by example. Those you serve will watch you and will desire to become like you. This will require you to be faithful, diligent and most importantly, loving in all you do. Perhaps above any other mission calling, this one comes through inspiration and qualification from your Father in Heaven. It is a sacred trust given to you, from Him. Know also of my trust and gratitude for your willingness to accept and fulfill this most important calling. With Love, President Samuelian

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