Monday, April 28, 2014

Zack and BYU sports figures!

well papa im not taking that stupid drug I got to my mission medical person and she sided with me that I do not need such medical things. no im not having emotional problems which is exactly why I didn't wanna take that med or any med for sleep haha! California docs are just dumb, I dunno how they got their degrees but they are terrible with my minimal medical knowledge I feel like im more capable of diagnosing myself than them. there is my unchrist like rant for the day :) well glad things worked out and that my story helped out with your lesson! trek medic would be tons of fuN!!! I saw some pics of alex playing soccer and liam hiding in a coat because its cold. I am glad they are doing well! I love them and miss them! I got my itinerary this week which is disheartening! however this week has been full of trials and miracles. where do I begin. lets start with trials so we can end on a spiritually good note :) first off our baptism fell through because he drank coffee day of the baptism but I guess we shouldn't expect quitting to be easy, he has been drinking it religiously every day from 12 years to 30 years old. he is ready for next week though! he is doing great but I swear coffee is harder for people to quit than smoking out here! sadly mission medical doesn't cover my BP meds so I have been paying for that on my home card :( its 15 bucks every time and im on my third bottle. my comp and I don't really see eye to eye on most things, he is super marriage trunky and has a lock your heart with one of his old converts so that proves to be an issue. that just kinda makes me sad because my last comp and I were getting along perfectly and man its just different! anyway now on to spiritual and great things! one im living with a BYU basketball player that is as tall as kevin durrant no joke! he is cool and I paly bball against him and he is hilarious! also before him I was living with a national champion rugby player for BYU he is cool too but he is now a zone leader!!!! also we have two baptisms set up and the zone is really doing well! I love this work so much! I have been making the atonement a topic of my study for the lst couple weeks and I cant even believe how much I understand now thanks to the spirit! I am learning so much! I read a talk called "the character of Christ" by Bednar its amazing!!! READ IT!!! the whole atonement is just so crazy!! I was wondering if I could get grandpas obituary sent to me? :) also keep on parker I wanna live with him :) this week we have been able to be a part of many great things in helping the community in service projects we had a multi religious helping hands day where we helped the whole community! the mission is going well but shortening! I kewep hearing from members "oh you almost done" which is only a true statement to be fair and im certainly not against going home since I know it has to happen but I would like conversation to head other directions from time to time :) I saw my boy elder black andhe is training a dude from Japan he is great! I have tons of FOBS in my line elder wong and elder fifita and elder dorrp yup pretty crazy! anyway life is great! I love it here! oh I need to renew mt liscense so if you can send me the info I need ill take care of that just so you know :) how is the thunder doing? how is dusty and others? kev is going to UVU? so am I!!!!!! wow im a trend setter :) well I love you all so much! KEVIN- sounds like youand chinchy are getting along quite nicely! are you taking her out and holding her and letting her run free in rooms like we use to? that could help with her not wanting to escape so bad :) she seems to be doing just fine when I left haha! I enjoy all the poop you taking on the floor haha! she does poop quite a bit! I remember when I let her run around the room all night while I slept I woke up and the room was filled with poo! I dunno why she doesn't eat much for her to poop so much! oh well! hey you better keep me updated my friend! I aint heard from ya in a while and ZL is fun but lets just mourn for poor Jeremy who is AP which is a task that I hope im never called to :) loves!!!

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