Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jeremys AP Duties

Padre!!!!! First off I love ya. Second off I've got some funny stories. So funny story. Norton and I were praying to know how to correct people in A loving way. So it's a beautiful Spring day, the birds are out, the sun is shining... So we throw on the Khaki's! We had a meeting with President to coordinate a meeting that morning so we head over. Well we get there, he lets us in and we start to talk. Then he proceeds to teach us about how the pants we are wearing aren't in accordance with mission standards... We can have Khaki color, but that had to be no cotton slacks..... Ours weren't. So he lovingly taught us for 45min about it hahaha then at MLC we talked about the slipping standards of mission dress and used us as the examples.. It was hilarious and humbling. Mainly hilarious haha needless to say, all I had were Khaki's and because of the Mission standards on clothes slipping the light gray suit I wore isn't actually okay anymore just so I'm at a higher standard then everyone else. So now I have 3 pairs of pants haha. Luckily a member donated a suit to me! I have had a bunch of clothes donated my way which has been helpful. Most to big though haha So don't quite know exactly where in Salt Lake City but they live in the valley. I am excited to have them there. So as for my duties... Haha I said duty... Well we do a lot of different things. We train the ZL's, we take numbers and have been creating a way to track the progress of the work over the last few weeks. We got back to the beginning of 2013 which was a miracle. We set up plan, and teach at meetings. We work with the missionaries a ton. Our main responsibility is to build up future leaders and to train the current. It's a ton of fun. We are up incredibly late all the time, which honestly I can see helping me in the near future. We live with two other Elders, one of which is really struggling right now. I'm learning charity at a much quicker rate for sure in is assignment. We are seeing a ton of success in our area on top of all the craziness going on around us. We are teaching a kid from mainland China right now. The culture over there is fascinating, not necessarily in a good way. They grow up being taught that there is no sure answer to anything, truth is relevant to the situation. It's a crazy because he has felt the spirit stronger then most he has seen a vision, he has had so many witness' but he doesn't have faith yet. It's a tough to teach against a life time of cultural difference. We have a baptism coming up and a bunch of meetings so life is never slowing down for us. I was also a part of a Passover Seder this last Saturday. Our 1st councilor to President Sammy, president Lewis is a Jewish convert, so he speaks Hebrew, knows the Seder and ran us through it as a ward. It was an awesome missionary opportunity, we had about 40% nonmember or LA's there our of 110 people. It was sweet how he Seder actually goes along with Our religion. Elijah actually returned the day of the Passover feast in 1836, Jewish oral tradition is that he would return on the Passover and take a seat with the family at the feast. Kinda cool.... Well it was a great week I love ya and I'll talk to ya again next week. Also, did Shipley Email you? Love ya padre and tell everyone else I say hey and that I love them! Also tell Kate to give me that news!!! Elder Lary Sr

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