Monday, April 21, 2014

Because of Him Vid boosts the work!

well sounds like a blast! always good stories in the Larsen home! im liking how the eggs had scriptures you can be physically fed and spiritually fed haha! I still don't know where the bunny came from! in fact we have a recent convert who was Buddhist he asked what is Easter to you guys? where does eggs and a bunny come into Christianity haha! its really funny! HAVE YOU SEEN THE CHURCH VID "Because Of Him"? its amazing! you need to share that with everyone! we been asking people on the street to pull it up on their smart phones so we can watch it with them and have had amazing experiences! Miracles came out of that movie with our investigators we had a baptism last Saturday we have one this Sunday and we are setting one up for the following Saturday! its amazing! anyway im glad Easter was great! sounds like the family had fun which is important! I like the pic of Alex climbing the tree a true climber!!! ill take him rock climbing when I get home I miss that! I cant believe another transfer is gone by so fast! I feel like I need to just keep working harder and harder because I only got 3 transfers left! the work is great here my Ethiopian friend is getting baptized Sunday! lets see we been dealing with a mini missionary in the apartment who doesn't clean up after himself but that's ok because we told him clean up or face the consequences and he said there will be none and later that night i snuck up on him while he was praying and right as he finished I jumped up to the second bunk in a smeagle screech and attacked him and he was super scared haha! he said after the attack that his heart was racing to much to sleep haha! well sadly my companion is getting transferred and i want to cry!!! he is one of my most favorite comps I have had and we had an amazing teaching style together! we were steller! we did great together and i loved every bit of it and I will miss him, im unhappy he is leavin for sure! I dunno about this new guy I know him but we have pretty different styles of everything sometimes it works out sometimes its a nightmare so we will see I been praying a lot haaha! so we had to give the Easter talks which was crazy! i did it on the atonement and I KNOW THIS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! I prepared ALL WEEK for this talk. I learned so freaking much about it I was blown away! my comp did the Resurrection and same thing for him! we gave them and the bishopric told us that it was one of the best talks they have ever heard on the savior and they took tons of notes so that felt good and then to our forgetfulness we were teaching 3rd hour! we had a heckler in there that was asking semi anti questions so we instantly went to testify mode and the spirit was SO STRONG everyone went quiet and we shared our testimonies about the restoration and how they can know its true and if they already know to find out again! which was great for our investigators that were there! its was amazing! we taught elders quorum and relief society. The spirit was strong and it was amazing! the heckler was silenced and when we sat down i told my comp i felt like were Alma and Amulek! because other people we starting to get into the anti questions when they were being asked so we testified of how they can get answer and how that the question was not what they thought that the real question is was Joseph smith a prophet of god? If he is then that question wouldn't matter would it? there was obviously more to it but it was awesome no bashing simple testimony! i love it! i love the work! i am very happy and my comp nad I have had a great time together no bonesing each other and pranking each other pretty badly and our roommates. well love you all so much! bye! HAPPY EASTER!

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