Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zacks Conference thoughts

this week has truly been an amazing experience! i did hear much at conference that stood out to me! i really learned so much! i have written many things down that i will improve on and become better at! i loved the talk on "not sleeping through the restoration" that stood out along with elder Nelsons and Andersons talks. this conference was amazing and has given me motive to be the best self. i learned that the gospel isn't really about changing who you are as a person but to change you motives, desires, and nature.... to become your best self. i want to be my best self and i want to be an example of the faith to defend it with courage and courtesy. we had a recent convert watch conference with us and he instantly turned to us and said " I need to [pay my tithing...how do I do that? we promptly showed him how! I got my trunky papers sadly also our phone got smashed up and doesn't work however it is ok because I played requiem for a dream on the piano :) anyway things are so good we have help in the uplifting of a very depressed elder and I had such a good sit down talk with him, I felt prompted I needed to talk to him. I found that he has been very discouraged since his companion was sent home and that things were not going well for him. we had a prayer and discussed ways to help him and it was amazing! we gave a blessing to a less active couple in the YSA and they had us over for dinner later this week and it was amazing they cooked us steak and potatoes which you just don't get in a YSA ward and cream soda from the bottle. we had a wonderful lesson on gods love from Romans chapter 8 and he was in tears by the end of it I have never hugged anyone out here other than missionaries really until now he is amazing! the spirit was so strong! my companion and I get along so well although he comments that he has never done so much work in Wilton before and we are tearin it up out there! that's my terf haha! I love this work and all of you! I feel your support! im so glad parker is looking good and was at priesthood session I pray for him every morning and night. I have where we will be visiting all planned out seeing as I will prolly end my mission here. I love this work and I love all I have learned from it. this is an amazing place to be! sadly my spelling ahs only gotten worse but my knowledge of the scriptures is increasing so its a fair trade! as for the whole fam im glad everything is going well! im going to be honest no matter the amount of emails on the new fam I don't really know them and cant differentiate them in name so I figure that I will learn when I get home. as for student housing I don't think shio will want to stay in student housing we were discussing more of renting a very small home so the rent didn't increase per amount of people living there however I don't want to share with strangers in the home since im still semi untrusting so we will figure things out and im contacting shio right now so in a separate email I will get his info if he is still in. contact parker blood and seeif he is in im sure he will want to :) love you and hope all is well. as for classes I dunno what I wanna take not a lot since ill just barely be getting home and I don't want to be completely overwhelmed as soon as im home ill take a light amount of school at the beginning but enough to keep my study habits! our mission president did comment on this D&C says that the lord will hasten his work in his time...... president monson has come out and said "NOW IS THE TIME" that's powerful! keep helping our missionaries there wherever they may be I never saw em growing up haha! well love you all bye bye!!!! stay happy!

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