Monday, October 29, 2012

Dezis Baptism :)

Hey! Desi's Baptism went great, it was such an awesome experience! During a violin duet I couldn't stop smiling, I could feel the spirit so strong it was bursting out of my chest almost.. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life... It's been another awesome week over here. We've tracted into another family!! when we were talking to him he said  the only reason he let us in the door was because he knew that we were men from God, he felt a difference in us then the other missionaries that he has seen. So I've got high hopes for this guy and his family even though we've got a long way to go. A bunch of other cool things have happened but it'd take forever to go over them.. so I won't haha Elder Black is wanting to write Ashley btw, he is going to start writing her this next letter I send home so we'll see when you get it haha. This transfer we're becoming a Tripanionship..... We have a one room apartment, so this will be an interesting transfer for sure. The new Elder is coming down today, his name is Hauge. We'll see how it goes, everything happens for a reason right. Yesterday was a funny day, Elder Taumoelau ate at the Herlans, a members house. They are such awesome people. He's an older guy, he used to be Bishop and Stake President and he's only been in the church for 12 years, and his wife makes the best bread. Bro Herlan used to be a tough guy, he's really blunt haha He found out that our food calander hadn't been filled out so he got it and saw who had signed up then started calling people he knew that hadn't and called them out. "Devin! Get you're fat butt off your davenport and get to church and sign up to feed the missionaries!!" He called a bunch of people and he actually got a bunch of LA's to get to church that way hahahaha He's a character and his wife is the sweetest lady. Elder T. ate way to much at there house and on the way out we started laughing at something I won't go into detail about and we got in the car and he ended up upchuckin all of it on the road hahahahaha it was hilarious! he couldn't stop laughing after that either and neither could I. It was an interesting day. As for the Harden news if I said I didn't die a little bit inside I would be lying... of all the  teams to go to he went to freaking Huston.. I hate the rockets, hate em.. As for football, that's just sad.. At least Atlanta is stull undefeated, I'm sayin that they take it all the way  this year.. If they do record those games so I can watch them when I get back. Is Gordon doing okay then?? I'm glad to hear he's gettin out and about still. Fakadomala means REPENT! I'm pretty sure that Bullcut is gettin out on the 2nd of Sept. But I could be wrong, I dunno.. I'll keep prayin about it, haven't really gotten a solid answer yet. I love the pics of the nephews, I miss those little buggers. Elder Black wants you to throw some pics of Ashley his way.. He won't let it go ha. I love you and  thanks for all of the support and stuff you do for me, I couldn't do this w/o you. you're the best and I miss you! Keep up the home front padre!! Love ya.
About time Kevano!, I'm way to impatient for mail and boxes and stuff.. It'll be my bane out here I'm sure of it. "do you feel in charge?" -Bane.. Batman is boss! Hey Kevin Hey Kevin! WHATS IN THE BOX! if you name that show i'll give you a dollar! You'll have to get some pictures of the halloween set up for me! Make sure you do that! The baptisms that we've had have been awesome!! We've had a ton of other cool experiences also this past week, its been fun haha We goof around a lot out here, did you do the same?? I've been most suprised by the amount of fun you have out here haha We have a good time just about everyday, it's just awesome haha. Elder Taumoelau rebaptized himself the other day hahaha, He fell in the river hahaha it was so funny I got pictures. We could've helped him to, it happened slow enough, its just that when he slipped it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing and then when he went into the river we were laughing even harder haha He could've died and we couldn't have done anything about it cause we were laughing so hard haha Thank you for the surprise whenever it gets out here though I'm pumped!! I just hate the wait. I love you kev, keep up the home front!
I love all of you!! I need Halloween photos from all of you next  week!! I better see lil Kayla in a costume or you'll all be in trouble, Elder Clarks got my back and i'm still writing him! Again I love all of you, read D+C 18: 10, 15-16 then read Brightly Beams My Fathers Mercy and tell me what you think. Pray everyday for opportunities to serve and so on! I love you all :) Tell steph and slade I love them and I love kayla. Love you and thank you so much for the support I need all  the help I can get.

Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

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