Monday, October 15, 2012

Sacramento...baptism central!!

Also  save all the music for me in a play list to listen to on our drive home ok?  eleventh essential and avvet brothers all of it radical face get the album somethin so i can listen :) :) LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- Yea hollands talk was good but my favorite ones were elder bowens and elder bednars. I been teaching bednars lesson all over the place here.I love the picts of friends and family they made me tear up haha. Mike mailed me so thats good! parker is just bein lame haha. So kate is going to serve a mission?!?! thats good i support it! as much as i am having a pretty hard time here i support missions all the way! you cant be doing anything better with your time at that age. I have seen a lot of blessings come from this mission. We saved a guy from killing himself and are now activating him back in the church. He suffers with mental illness but he is such a caring guy. He is just really upset and doesnt think he is worth anything to his family since he dont have a job or a lot of schooling and his wife is doing all the work. We showed up and he said i been praying and im not mad at the church anymore i want to take the investigator lessons again and find my faith. We talked him out of suicide and he is doing really well. So a mission is important for other people not just for you. With gabe his baptism is on the 27th and we are hoping tog et his dad to clean up and start going to church again so he can be the one to baptize him. I just think we talk about how important families are so time to put our money where our mouth is and get this family united again. We might have another baptism next month as well. our district has 6 baptisms as of now this month and maybe 3 more. So this place is on fire! Also i went on an exchange  and i got a baptisimal date with an investigator and  5 referrals 2 contacted ones 6 potential investigators and 3 lessons! can you say that day the lord wanted soemthin done? We worked hard and i have been leading the area for a while now so thats good. I watch the BYU games our member watches them so i do too oops :) Well im excited for NBA and how are the 49ers doin? Seems like you were pretty busy this last couple weeks eh? Tell steph to squeeze it out already haha!! You will love the pictures im sending home they are pretty funky.  glad to hear chinchi is doin well i think about her a lot her picture is on my wall no joke. Love the new dogs i hope lia is ok without us there. Jeremy is makin some HUGE changes just sayin, he dont sound the same at all. Lets see pictures of the new house next time AND SOMEONE GO TO FEAR FACTORY AND TELL ME ABOUT IT SO I CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THEM! :):) i love ya all!!  honestly the homesick problem it gets bad one some days but hey i guess this is not for me so if i am, miserable for 2 years then i am but whatever its not i mission for me its to help others and i do my best at that! How is the weather? here its 35 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by afternoon so i never know what to wear for the day haha. Also thats not a scary story i heard much worse from south stockton which is where ill go if they send me tegolic speaking, i have now been told they might send me ASL since i learned some in the MTC so thats cool which means i would just sit in fair Oaks CA.  the transfers are the tuesday after next week so you wont know for 2 or 3 weeks :) I love it here though i know im doin well keep me posted on home ok? Oh look up the heartland theory of the book of mormon and then read Alma 48 and 49 and 50 ok? its pretty sketchy stuff haha. SUPER COOL THOUGH! did the info get to the fire dept?? how are the visits with G-ma Adams? FAMILIES ARE IMPORTANT! if i am the most useless Elder in all of california i want everyone in my area to know the importance of family!  sometimes i feel like when people say i might attend church that the song written by jack johnson is true the song is called Flake.Also before the snow move the Futon from outside ok? please take care of it so i have it for college.  Also could you send me moms testimony and tell me how to say i love you in french and spanish :)  I love you!!! My release date is July 22ed 2014 jsut so you know and there is a scripture in PHIL in the bible i believe its PHIL 2:4 but look in there its short and it talks about how we should not complain about work so make sure everyone at home knows that one :)  LOVE YOU!!! i just need money to replace in my debit card when i buy the supplements. :) love ya!!! just another story,  we taught a guy who had 55 alcohol bottles laying around his room and more in the fridge He is talking about baptism now so i think its funny! To bad we had to send him to the YSA Elders we are always finding there people sucks haha! He is a pretty cool dude! I am also keeping a journal so no worries on that i hope to write down all my adventures in it so thats cool! i need to write down the alcohol guy story but also just keep the Email with him in it in case i forget ok? The rest of the family sucks for not writting me :) 

Megan- I love you straight up thats just how it is. Im glad you E-mailed me please keep close ties with my family they love you and have your family write me a letter. :) You are a good influence to me and im sorry you feel lonely sometimes! I do my best to keep you a letter goin. I want you to know that i love ya and that we have a good future in store! I sent a book to ya thats not the present i said i was sending thats comin later you will love it! I know you will love that book i heard the fireside he talked with us so i aint read the book but i heard him speak keep the book so i can read it! Know that ill be home sooner than you think! just write down the months 1 through 12 and mark off every month after 2 months pretend i left in July since im goin home a transfer early so i been out for 3 months 1/8 the way done or 3 more general conferences left or 2 more birthdays :) whatever helps you. Thank you for the pictures though they are son amazing for me to have! keep chillin with the gang ok? they all need to still love eachother when i get home!!!!!! Just think about all the stuff we are goin to do when i get home ok? dont date nobody to seriously! and all my other friends make sure they guys dont treat her wrong ok?  LOVE YA!!

Kevin- im so mad you didnt write me last time but the hand written letter makes up for it :) I love ya bro keep everyone busy! make sure all my friends stay friends! I know what you mean about the idle mind sometimes my trainer doesnt do anything and it makes me really homesick so sucks what can ya do though?  Well good thing you got a calling! i decided the theme of conference is STEP IT UP! step it up with child care step it up as a man step it up with faith and step it up with your faith!  so i liked it on dads part is my favorite talks so look em up! keep me posted on your life nobody has shot at me yet  this week so thats good LOVE YA!

Krystal- i miss you too its really to bad i dont see ya. i love that you go to the haunted houses still please keep it up for me so i can go to one when i get home :) keep the gang tight knit ok? good! also i miss ya a lot and your a really good friend honestly thank you for the letters every letter helps me out here. I have been having a rough time out here so its good you send letters. Like i said this is not for me its for other people so i just have to keep it up.  we have encountered SO MUCH WEED and SO MUCH ALCOHOL we taught a guy who had 55 alcohol bottles laying around his room and more in the fridge He is talking about baptism now so i think its funny! To bad we had to send him to the YSA Elders we are always finding there people sucks haha! well i think your amazing as always!!! stay cool red :)

IN GENERAL- doin great out here sorry if i complain to much this place really is a blessing i love it and i know its where i should be! EVERYONE SERVE A MISSION THAT CAN!!!! oh also for anyone, is brandon serving a mission sooner now with the age change?  he should so we get home around the same time :) also parker send me a letter are you goin on a mission?  let me know, dont worry i am your friend not your missionary im still the same freak of nature you last saw, people always stare at me weird and the puns are not a big hit here i found that out but i keep doin em anyway! LOVE YOU ALL!

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