Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder Jeremy!!

Some background on the toilet, we jello'd Elder Black and Haines toilets while they were out hahaha they had to dig it out w/ there hands.. also put flour on their fan and such, we wrecked that place
On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:

STEPH AND SLADE!!!!!! Thank you so much for that B-day present, this really has been one of the best B-Days I've ever had!! Congratulations Slade and Steph :) I wish I could be w/ you and tell you myself but this will do for now. Kayla is a beautiful name, I'm so happy for you. This week has really been amazing, I love both of you and I'm so happy for you. Both of you are going to rock the parent thing, I'm so happy for you! Padre, I'll have to send you back some of the B-Day cards I got cause i'm going to want to keep them forever, one is really funny to me, but to you is gonna be really wierd, I'll explain it to you when I get back in 2 years (it's a long long long long story) hahahaha. I need size 12 or 11 1/2, Waterproof black boots, just make sure they look sunday appropriate and they'll be fine. The backpack just needs to be Waterproof, its raining a ton now, every morning and night and usually throughout the day.. Winter is here. Yesterday was so awesome teaching the kids how to prepare, there were a lot of sisters in there that are going. Shaylena, the sister we baptized and her friend Olivia had us over for dinner last night and they in coordination w/ Elder Black and Taumoelau set up a B-day party, it completely caught me off guard. It was so awesome, they really are the greatest group and Olivia and Shay are going to be moving to Utah in about a year and a half so they are gonna see me when I get back. They are such amazing sisters, them and Sis Loosly another Sis. in the ward are incredable, they've helped us so much and they've really made me feel at home here. Poor Lia... Love that pup for me, she better be just as playful when I get back as when I left or else... Tell Ammon thanks for watchin after kimmers for me, I was never as good to that cat as I should've been. I miss my nephews! Tell them I love them so much and don't let Liam forget who I am, i'll  be pissed haha w/ the blessing it said that they didn't have it on record so I dunno, try again or somethin.. Thank you for the cookies, I haven't gotten them yet but I think they arrived on saturday, not sure, they need to get it down to me. If possible send stuff just to my address when packages, they can't forward anything other then USPS, so they have to wait until someone comes down to Roseburg from the mission office. Good call on not posting that one photo, that one is just for the family to see, I don't want the Pres. to look at my blog and see that hahaha This morning Elder Taumoelau had decorated the house and stuff then we went and helped an Elderly sister move out, she had a ton of stuff... It was a good way to spend my morning :) Then when we went up to Elder Black and Haines' place they had another B-day suprise thing set up. I was getting frustrated w/ all the exchanges we were doing last week but they were setting all of it up so now I feel like a denga for gettin upset hahaha. I've been so blessed out here it's crazy.. This weekend I'm baptizing Desi, I get to do the baptizm! score!! it'll be awesome. I dunno about the music, just make a list of music i'll have to listen to when I get back so I don't miss out on anythin good! Sounds like you have your hands full over there, tell Steph and Slade I love them and to E-mail me when they can, I bet they are busy!
Jason, Its good to hear from you! Glad to hear that things are still rolling in the YSA ward, I hear Kev got an exciting assignment. Tell everyone there that I say whats up! How's the leg?? You finally healin up or still down? Titihing must always be a fun time of year for ya hahaha I'll remember to do that if he ever is bein a puss, he's a really tough guy, I don't have to worry about him usually. there are plenty of other Missionaries that i'll be able to do call them that though. It'll be fun when I get an opportunity to move on to someone new, but the comp I'm w/ is a baller, he's so strong in the gospel its crazy. I've loved every second out here, I never would've thought I would enjoy this work as much as I have. When I get back it'll be fun to get to work w/ you in the ward. I'll actually stay for longer then the first hour haha  I love you Jas and sorry for the disrespect I showed you at times at home. You're the best and keep up the home front. Love ya!
I love all of you and I'm so excited to hear about the new addition to the family!! I love you Steph and Slade!! Kevin its my B-Day and you didn't write me! What the heck broski! feel bad! JK I love you kev, you're awesome and keep up the good work at home, you must be lovin the early shift. Darlene and Ashley I can't wait to see what the place looks like when I get back and I love ya'll!! Again I love all of you!  Lisa Dusty Liam and Alex I miss you and love you! I'm praying for all of you and I feel your prayers, keep em comin I need all the help I can get. Peace

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