Monday, October 22, 2012

Zack pushes need for family!

Steph- im excited to see that your taking on my challenge i know its important that this be done! Family is so important its really the only lesson i teach out here haha and how to make a romen sandwich which will kill me im sure of it. I am so happy for your baby! i vote for deborah to be the middle name :) She is beautiful and im very happy for you!  Hope she aint to screamy for ya haha. Please keep mailing me and keep me posted on your life :) G-ma has sad stories because she lives in a sad place haha, Just sayin.
DAD/DARLENE/ANIMALS- I have been watching the BYU games oops :) However the 49ers is what i need updates on haha. Our  87 year old skydiver watches all the byu games haha. I am happy to hear of my new and first niece! she is so pretty! Thank you for the answer in french im  putting something amazing together for megan. sorry this christmas i aint got much stuff to buy for you so im making something for you all instead :) I love those dogs already! did you see the picture of the WARG?? its scary huh? so friendly though, it weighs almost as much as me. It straight up tackles me. I dont lick peoples chests here i do cuddle them though and lick there face haha! we mostly asct like gangsters with our south sac hoodies and cool shades haha. So more miracles are happening here. We decided to take a different road than normal saw this guy we use to talk to and he invited us in. He talked about how depressed he was and his troubles and now we are teaching him the gospel and he loves it! Also i found that vers in the bible to tell every complainer!its PHIL 1:14-15. also im learning the uke the piano and tongan haha. they have suggestive words, like fakalati the last A is long sounding so its more like faka latie. They are a suggestive people haha! also my comp has a cousin who is 3 years old guess how heavy? 110 pounds and 4'5 HOW FREAKING CRAZY!  I would also like to say that i finall ate a double baconator at wendys and im still ALIVE!!! my heart felt very heavy after haha. I may have skype issues i need to find a computer with a member first so we will see what i can do ill keep you posted! I did get in a bike crash it was pretty gnarly. My chain locked up, bent to the side, and then i took a nice head dive right into the pavement! Then the bike followed right into my head and hip. so i got some nice marks haha. I got a headache and a nice cut on my hip but im doing great! my bike is pretty dead but i still have to ride it around till we figure out what to do and all is well! We met some very funny old guys yesterday who are building a selfsustaining  generator out of magnets and the LDS church purchased 2000 of them. These guys build them in their garage and they are only selling it to select people because they are scared if people find out about it they will get killed over it haha. They are funny but we are teaching them now. The thing is really cool it runs with no electricity but produces a lot!  I seen it work with my own eyes!! My piano is coming along well i can play requiem for a dream you should look the song up. Also one of our baptisms bailed sadly the mom dont want us around anymore :( However we were teaching gabe our other baptism guy. He said he wanted me to perform the baptism and IM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!  So dad, the stores dont have my supplements so could you supply my? 1000MG of omega 3 fish oil, 1500MG calcium magnesium and 1000MG glucose-amine. I believe those were the dosages :) Thank you very much father ken :) well all is well just so you know :)  I do love it out here my homesickness is leaving me even though i still miss all of you like crazy!!!!! i just know im doing whats right out here and the service is amazing! Oh also im now serving with a russain ward and man its not fair to missionaries! the girls are very pretty it sucks and they are awesome! (Dont worry meg they are not as good as you) :O) Well thanks for the pics papa!! i love you!

JASON- I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT MOVIE BEING GOOD!!!!!! Please get the DVD for me ok? get it for me :) i wanna see it so bad! . glad everyone watched it! now the fam has to read the book. Im surprised it was rated PG13 though. Also how is the job search?? glad to hear your getting help in the ward. If you think your ward is small you  should see ours haha. We have maybe 65 or 70 active members haha. And that s big for here. We have a lot of less active though. 100% home teaching active and less active members. We assist in home teaching haha. I love the picture of you in the hospital though its funny haha

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