Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zacks Baptism and new contacts!!

also kevin the wii you is weird lookin. i see the advertisements everywhere here. tell me how it is. Also as far as the movie perks of being a wallflower, the book was filled with that kind of stuff so that means the movie was accurate haha.

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 12:27 PM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
DAD- Hey dad and darlene! so whats as far as the bike goes they are giving me guff about it. the bike is garunteed if its a malfunction of the bike, they are blaming me for the crash so im fighting it with them that it was a bike malfunction because the chain should not do such things at random. Either way it still kinda runs i have not died yet. ill be sending some pics of it home though haha. I just duct taped it haha. sorry about the late E-mail My P-day was on tuesday because of transfers i guess. Also the monday on the week of thanksgiving is no P-day that Pday will be on thanksgiving and then the following monday so ALMOST always monday is Pday haha. yea i been hearing about Utah and BYU games i sometimes get to watch em haha. either way utah sucks and BYU rules :) thakn you for the suppliments :) also check something else out for me medically ok? its a thing called "nightlight" its for sleep i believe if its medically proven i would be happy to try it haha. Has my info gotten to that fire department yet? how are the meetings with G-ma Adams? HAPPY BIRTHDAY REX!!!!!!  so we had my first baptism last week! i got to baptize him! it was super awesome! i loved it and it was a very spiritual experience! So lots of miracles this week! we taught 15 lessons and had a baptism and a investigator came to church. Well also ran into some guy on the street while he was praying and then he totally rejected us but we kept talking anyway. then he started talking to us and then he had us teach a lesson and pray. He proceeded to invite us back to his place later. Now he waited for a member who lived near by to tell them about talking to us and how he was excited to see us come back. He told the member that he was praying that he would join any church if god will give him the guidance and then we showed up haha. so thats super cool! also got another girl name dawn! she is a mom he son is doing what jeremy did but way worse and she is just super nice to us and her and i connect and i shared my experiences with her and how the church helped out and a lot of stuff now she is having us back to teach her and her husband its a long story short i know but thats the summary! she also agreed to be BAPTIZED along with two other investigators so November we will have 3 baptisms hopefully! So guess what i experienced my FIRST TORNADO!!! we had one in the Sacramento valley! it was pretty dope! i liked it a lot. no pics sadly i was on my bike in the middle of it haha. Maybe thats why my bike sucks so bad! JK crash happened before the tornado. Also i was up in Eldarado hills for a spell guess how rich the people are there. PEOPLE FLY TO WORK EVERY DAY! they have their own garages for their personal airplanes, thats stupid crazy rich! the houses have a personal airport!  ok ok ok ok now a good quote is "faith produces miracles not the other way around" so yea live by that. how was that scripture i gave you in proverbs? is it hung up in a plaque yet? i thought you might like it :) as far as skyping im still tryiong to find a family that will let my skype for christmas so ill keep you posted on that. well i love ya a lot and people are good but kinda psycho here. OH transfers are me and elder fifita are sdtaying in the sma e area LUCKY ME!! NO NEW LANGUAGE i love my ward to much to leave it :) so a funny thought for you. jesus destroyed people left and right in the book of mormon before he was born right? just obey or be destroyed kind of stuff. After he got his body and died it was not like that anymore. My speculation is maybe after he came to earth although he was perfect he realized how hard it was and thats how he became the perfect judge because now he knows first hand experience haha. Thats just speculation though just a funny thought. well im out LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! AND JASON E-MAIL BACK!

KEVIN- well all is well and things are great here. IM glad things are good for you as well. Keep up good things at work ok? works is important as im sure you know. All i hear here are a bunch of tongans on the Uke singing haha its pretty funny though. im learning the uke and im learning piano as well as tongan and sign language its a very eventful time. Also some psycho lady ran past us yesterday when we were visiting a referral. she had no shirt on just underwear and pants. she was screaming at us and everyone around and then ran off. I was like eehhh what the freak just happened! (in the accent off of kid history) :) i love kid history. and a tornado cam through town so thats the only funky stuff that has happened so far. 

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