Wednesday, October 10, 2012

General Conference is AWESOME in Eugene

Conference was amazing just in case you didn't get to watch all of it, they are really focusing on the importance of families this year. Also, 18 and 19 yr. olds going out??? crazzzyyy stuff is about to be going down. I hear the election is getting dirtier then it already was. Must be a ton of crazy stuff going on, a lot of  the time when people slam the door in our face they just say "Voting for Obama" or "Who are you voting for..." hahaha its kinda funny. You two out on a romantic getaway on a private beach in cali hahaha never thought I would see the day when you were partying on a private beach hahaha I'm going to have to check out Ether4, i'm trying to add more and more to my list of scriptures I need to read every week. So padre I here you're a handsom guy, something must have changed since I left hahaha!! i'm jk, I'm so happy to hear that both of you are havin a blast, and I love how happy you all seem to be, it really keeps me going over here, and thank you for the prayers, keep em coming I need all the help I can get. I've been thinking a lot about mom, Elder Taumoelaus father is in bad condition and his Aunt died a few days ago so we've been keeping busy to keep his mind off things. He's got such a deep understanding of the P.O.S. and he's deeply converted. At the MTC I had a moment the last sunday, I had been praying every night to know that mom had forgiven me for all the crap that I put her through, and  then when my district president was giving his talk to us I actually heard a voice and I felt something so strong in me that made me know that she had forgiven me, it totally destroyed my day but it really changed me. That was the turning point for me. My favorite talk was either Boyd K. Packers, because brightly beams our fathers mercy is the best hymn in the book or Hollands or Bednars. Bednars description of conversion and testimony was awesome, it really gave me a lot to think about. Then Jeffery R. Holland talking about Peter when christ was resurrected was boss. If you didn't hear it go look up the talk. We had several miracles happen last week. When we were driving home Elder T and I took a different route for some reason and we saw a member on the side of the road going to his truck. I felt like we needed to talk to him so I rolled down me window and said hey. Turns out his best friend had died and he was having a really tough time. We gave him a blessing and talked w/ him for awhile. He was severely depressed and he knows that the fact that we took a different route home was inspired by God, and I know it was as well. We also finally got into the house of this family that we have been working on the entire time i've been here and we brought them to GC. I've given more priesthood blessings over the last week then I can remember. But I am so thankful for these opportunities, as much as they help the people I'm blessing, it's blessing my life even more. It really is a blessing to be able to be a miracle in other peoples life. It's an incredable feeling. A challenge that they gave us at GC was to pray everyday for an opportunity to serve someone else, so I challenge you to do the same, along w/ the fam. I know you probably already do but really think about it. I love you so much and I am so greatful for this opportunity to be out here. You are the best dad, and Darleen I'm so greatful for you and you being in our lives now. Take care of padre over the next week and keep on praying for me i'll be doing the same for all of you. Love all ya'll have a great week.
p.s. i'm trying to get you pics and some videos of my first day in the field. you'll be proud hahaha not really but its really funny what we did to my companion!! put some pics of the beach shots in an email when you can. Also If you could send me a copy of moms music from kevins list including the Hurt song that would be awesome. We can actually listen to a ton of different music out here, just gotta clear it w/ Sis. Young. Love ya bye

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