Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jeremy channels Theoden

PADRE!! first of all let Gordon know that I am praying for him and tell him how sorry I am, i'll try and write him a letter. Its tough to get to write a bunch, time is just so precious around here. BTW who is kylee?? all ya'll are talkin about Kylee and I don't even know who she is hahaha Gracie is with Minnie now, she is a happier hampster i'm sure. I will be grieving all week. I heard that Tom was going there, he went into the MTC the day after I left I thought, at least that's what bullcut told me. I think that you got lucky not being called into the bishopric, you can't dodge that bullet forever and you know it. On the topic of media, I've been visiting with a recent convert family these last two weeks and they are SOAD fans... You can bet we are basically best friends now, they like Mumford and Sons fans, indie rock in general, and I have them listening to Tool now. Yeah, great family, Zack is the son and Katie is the Mom. She's not doin so well, but her son is increadible, he stays w/ her most of the day and talks w/ her. They are an increadible group. I'm pretty sure I know part of the reason I have been sent here though. Sis. Lemire is active but her family is completely anti, we were giving her a blessing and the son walked into the room and ripped a fart and laughed. I wanted to take him out to the back and beat the living crap outta him, but I refrained. She has only about 5 years to live, so i'm making it my mission to sit down with the kid, Robert,and at least teach him how to respect his mother. I don't want the him to experience the guilt that would come if he keeps his relationship w/ his mother like this and she goes the way of the earth. I have been laughing at my companion and Elder Black because the Avengers, they haven't seen it so I just talk about how awesome it is all the time hahahahaha. I officially had my first fight w/ my companion also. I rocked him, got him in a boa squeeze 5 times. The last fight he tried to gouge my eye out so I let up and he flipped me but I had him locked in and then it was a stalemate so 5-1-0 right now haha. Have fun in the sun, but not to much fun! Tell Grandpa I love him and happy B-day. Tell Darleen I say hi and congrats on gettin the house off! Make sure Ashely feels at home, it'll be easier w/o Zack and I there, not as much testosterone. I chated football w/ a kid at a members house haha Nebraska came back from a 3-27 deficit against Wis.!! I love ya padre, and I love this place and what I'm doing. Its been a harder week, but we still have had a ton of success. I miss you and the fam, tell everyone wazzuppp. tell Darleen and Ash. hey for me. Love ya!
Katie! I am so pumped for GC!! its gonna be dopeee, I can't wait to see what they've gotta say. How could you not see that he looks like Draco?? its almost like he is a body double for him. Don't worry i've got a journal going, I write almost everynight. This last week was a little inconsistent but its been busy..
I'm happy to hear that the Mutual is going well, I can't believe you are finding time w/ everything else you are doing hahaha. you're crazy. I'm sad about Gracie to :( make sure Chinchy is okay, keep up w/ her! Become good friends w/ Cassy! The MTC opened my eyes a little bit, the world is so much bigger then Utah, and becoming friends w/ people from out of country is awesome. I'm writing this Australian sister and she is awesome haha. read what I wrote from dads I don't have long to write so I gotta rush it. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! keep up the awesome work and with Cassy if she isn't interested don't push it, just invite her to the house, maybe a mutal thing and that'll be all you need to do to plant the seed!!
Kevin!!! There is a kid in my ward that looks just like you when you were young, and acts just like zack!! its all kinds of home sickness all bunched in one little twister of destruction!! ha Morning shift is tough at first but it'll be awesome in the end, having the nights to yourself is sweettt. I pass out whenever I can around here haha Once we finish planning i'm out. GC is gonna be sweeettt! I don't know if you will ever win the fight for the window w/ Lia she is one tough puppy that I miss.. keep up the war effort though, Larsens don't fade away into the night. "Eomer. Take your ├łored down the left flank. Gamling, follow the King's banner down the center. Grimbold, take your company right, after you pass the wall. Forth, and fear no darkness! Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day... a red day... ere the sun rises! .... Ride now!... Ride now!... Ride! Ride to ruin and the world's ending! DEATH!!!  Forth, Eorlingas!!" hahaha this must be the battle you fight kevin i believe in you! Don't worry about the shoes btw, dad got them to me. We'll keep running in the winter, its about as cold as it will be here in the mornings now, its about 40 so it's whateves. I love you kev I gotta run but I miss you and remember.. It'll be a sword day..a red day..ERE THE SUN RISES!! love ya
Lisa, Dusty, Alex, Liam!
I don't have anytime at all I'm sorry I need to learn to dole out my time better. I love you and I miss my little Nephews tell them I love them. thank you for the advice, I need all the help I can get hahaha Love ya!
Love all of you, Jason, Steph, Darleen, Lisa, Ashley, Alex, Liam, Kevin, Katie, Padre, Zack! I pray for all of you everynight. Love ya bye
if you see some of my friends say whats up!

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