Monday, October 15, 2012

Jeremy falls on a hike...again

YOYOYOYO!! Get it done at home ya'll!! don't change the house to much before we get back haha On the topic of scriptures, i've added 2Nep 9 to my list of weekly scrips. Right now I'm working w/ Heb 12, ETH 12 (so i'm already ahead of you on this one haha), ETH 4, JHN 16:31-33, and 2Nep 9. The list must continue to grow. HAPPY B-DAY DUSTY!!!! send  me a list of everyones B-day so i'll remember before and i'll send letters to everyone, it'll make me seem like a nice guy HA! I'm hearing all the football stats from members hahahaha, Oregon Ducks are killin it again, the Beav's were undefeated last I heard as well. The Elections aren't actually affecting us, we just hear about how negative it is. Suprisingly the area I'm in is conservative. The only Liberal spots in OR are on the coast, then Portland and Eugene. Keep on looking for those Albums they will be coming out soon, I swear the Audioslave one already did but i'm not really lookin so you would know better. We went up to Crater Lake today!! It was foggy though so we turned back and went to Susan Falls. Myself and Elder Black wanted to go up and get in the bowl of the inital fall so we climbed up onto it in pros. clothes haha. We all got up in there but once we got in it was so slick that we had a hard time getting out... With teamwork we pulled it off. Once we got out we were filthy i'll send pics. When we got out I was climbing a pretty slick rock and the moss ripped out and I fell into the river... hahahahaha still got bad luck when it comes to free climbing, probably should stop now, but it was fun and the water was deep that only my foot got jacked up. It hurts like a mother though, got a pretty sweet gash in it.. Fun times haha Thank you so much for the pictures! Last saturday was my first baptism!!! It went great!! we had a bunch of investegators come. We had another investegators parents come, she would be baptized but her parents are Anti... Hopefully the experience will soften their hearts a bit and allow us to get her dunked.. Our next baptism is on the 27th and i'll be doing it!! how dope is that???? I set another date as well! Our area is doing great right now!! Our zone on the other hand is dying... My companion is DL and ZL, so he has been doing exchanges up the wahoo so i've been taking the lead in the Roseburg ward, its been gnarly, i've been stuck w/ other greenies haha. They will probably split me up next exchange sadly cause we are the only 2 having success, so they will probably move Elder Taumoelau and put me w/ another guy so he can focus on the other ward. I've been really blessed w/ all the success we are having, really the members of the ward have been the ones doing all the work. If it weren't for their help I don't think we would be anywhere right now. I love you Padre and i'm praying for you all the time, I hope the fam is doing great and I hope that Ashley is getting used to the home. Tell everyone I love them and get the others in on writing me!!
BUDGER! Careful what you wish for brosef!! Congrats!! that's gonna be a dope calling, go on some gnarly adventures w/ the YSA ward! I went on a crazy adventure myself today, not nearly as dope as Zions but still it was fun, until the moss tore out of the wall and I fell into the river and gashed my foot open and got my pros clothes soaked hahahahahahahahaha it was actually fun, really got my adrenalin pumpin haha. Thank you so much for the CD, there is actually a ton of music that is approved down here, we can listen to LOTRO music!! along with Enya, some Evanesence, and a bunch of other stuff. The Ipod I brought w/ me and the Gameboy color was a surprise buy, it was only 2bucks at Goodwill, I had to, I really wanted to play seasons as soon as I saw it, and the original Gold pokemon! I will play those when I return. I've been having tons of fun out here, and I will continue to!! I love you broski!!!
Elder Larsen! 

 Challenge for all of you! Create Profiles!! I've got mine up I think, I better be able to look you up w/ in 2 weeks. Also I'm staying w/ my compy aonther transfer!! so pumped. I've been in a stump until I got my letter from Grandma B. So tell her thank you! The exchanges have really put us out of rythm I think, but who knows! You should put up that pic of myself and Elder Black w/ the apple in his mouth hahahaha.. I've changed a bunch in some ways, but in other ways not much at all. I hope you liked the pics and make sure everyone writes me! Also if you send packages by UPS send them to 1314 NE Odell Ave #3, that's my actual address, the mission home takes forever to get stuff to me down here cause they don't like to forward stuff.. I love you all and hope all is well! i'll give you a longer update on P-Day, only reason I'm writing on other days is cause we are constantly at comps and I don't have much to do while my Trainer is doing ZL stuff. We are preparing a Fireside on this sunday as well to prep kids to go on their missions haha. Of all the people to help kids get ready for their missions they chose me... I can give them a list as long as a Douglas Fir of things not to do before you come out but what to do I really can't say.. Katie the only advice I really have is to get a PMG NOW! Study the crap out of it, get the stuff memorized! I hope you chose to go on a mission, even though i've only been out a month and I still have no idea how this is going to change me I know it will be for the best. You change peoples lives out here, I haven't cared for people like this in my entire life, it's completely changing me. In the MTC they say be devestated when your Investigators don't follow through w/ something you asked them.. We actually practiced it hahahaha I'm so involved w/ these people that when they don't keep commitments it ruins my day almost, it sucks so badly, you just wanna kick em.. I love all of you, you rock my socks and other various items such as keys and pencil boxes.

P.S. I can't get any waterproof boots or backpack so if you can find any boots that would be appropriate it would be nice, sorry to make you work...... It's just raining a ton now, sunny for 3 weeks, then BAM!! RAIN ALL DAY ALL NIGHT! and when it's not raining its fog.. Welcome to winter in Oregon. I love all of you so much and thank you so much for the prayers and keep em comin, I need all the help I can get. I love you Popaa+Darleen(oolala private beach), Steph + Slade(name that kid AXEL!!) Lisa + Dusty + Alex + Liam (Happy B-day dusty), Jason (write me!!) Kevin (Play Pokemon Gold), Katie ( I know you work but come on...), Ashley (What color is the room Sistasista?). I LOVE YOU ALL PEACE!

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