Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crazy action in Sacramento!!

DAD-Oh also story time!! ok im going to leave out the names so that you can have a little doubt on who it was haha  :) So two elders are out on the streets looking at a map to find out where they are going. Suddenly BAM! car crash not with the missionaries they just saw it. Then the guy that got hit starts running away from the accident, The guy who hit him comes out of the car and with a shotgun and well lets just say the guy is probably no more and the missionaries were out of there as soon as they saw the gun and while they were getting out they heard the gun shot. pretty crazy huh? well lets not all focus on the bad though :) there is a lot of good in this area and us missionaries see it every day i personally love it here and love the people they are so great even if some of them are crazy anti Mormons haha they are just fun to listen to. Like this guy started a convo with us by saying did you know you guys believe that god came down married marry and thats how she gave birth to Jesus  i said really?!?! because i have never heard that before. In my mind im like im really glad you knew what i believed because i didnt sign up to go out here to teach my beliefs and knowledge and by the spirit of god and study hard and its crazy that i didnt know that im glad you told me what i believe. haha. Anyway this place is amazing interesting and a little corrupt but such is life am i right? this place is good, cant wait to head down to Stockton which is not for sure yet but ill let ya know i have a feeling thats where im going is Stockton tegolic speaking haha we will see. So thats my story for this week.  Hope all is well.

First i spent the cash on the camera it was like 230 dollars i think. maybe a lil more but its super nice i love it and it will never ever break! second yea criminals are everywhere haha i have a story for you ill post separately. We are coming up on 2 baptisms this month im very excited we are goin to hopefully dunk em on the 27th. They are two awesome kids about 12 and 13. they saught us out and wanted to know more and they are very very smart. Sadly we had to hand over two of out investigators to stupid YSA missionaries haha that was the biker guy and the druggies guy we were teaching and they were my first two miricle guys i and a strong connection with them we found them tracking and i loved teaching them and they loved having me over so that was most sad. I told the YSA elders if they dont dunk em ill prank them for the rest of the mission haha. I love those guys and the YSA elders are super cool. I hope to have their job one day office work is really fun here haha. I also have this inspiring thought. I want the family to meet with grandma adams once a week you decide the day, i just think it will be good for her i dont have her address so i cant write her. Promise you will do that ok? no matter how busy the family is do it :) i think family is very important and and what grandma adams to know that. Also Please invite kimball to be present when i skype home so i can talk with him it think it would be very good for him in the holidays ok? i want to talk to him anyway even for just a second. so let him know that please i love ya! :) How great was conference!!!! i freaking loved hollands talk and bednars talk! i have already been using them in lessons! i loved conference i got notes on all the talks i hope to share them with yall one day it was so so so good! We also chilled with the office elders so it was nice to just eat food kick back and watch just the four of us. I also ate round table which is what rock creek use to be just thought it was funny haha. Tell mike stewart that if he dont reply to my letters ill send my evil twin of which  he knows of after him haha i love that kid whats mike been up to? Oh back to conference how crazy was the age limit change huh? i dunno if i can handle 19 year old sister missionaries! haha. Everyone freaked out when we heard that! Also if you look the MTC time has been reduced by 1/3 so english will be 2 weeks MTC Spanish will be 6 weeks MTC and  Russian and those languages will be 9 weeks MTC HOW CRAZY IS THAT! Speaking of languages i have the possibility of being switched to the tegolic speaking part of the mission that would be pretty crazy! one of the office elders was like that too so i talked with him on how he did he said he came in and started in stockten and was english then switched to tegolic then switched to laotion then back to english so he knows all of those languages haha THE SPIRIT HELPS WITH LANGUAGE STUDY! I'm glad you got my note too i read it every day its very helpful feel free to post it on the blog its really good! Ill have megan bring the parper to you i know she loves you all and wants to see ya. I am glad your having fun in cali I hope you really enjoy your stay there! that guys sounds intense i dunno if i could handle him haha. bring home some of his pictures haha. I got some funny pics headed your way i hope you like them.

Darlene- Sounds like a busy week you have had im glad you have had fun. I hope all is well and that the wedding is really great for you. I would love to visit that place when i get back and i would like to see that dog, i have seen my fare share of dogs here but not so nice ones usually haha. Like this dog is a mix litterally looks like the warg from lord of the rings. Ill take a pic of it when i can. Well this are crazy busy here im picking up several traits from my island comp. I am playing the ukelaly i think im getting pretty good too haha. Well keep me posted on everything keep my dad in check. Call him banana king often i know he loves it. 

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  1. I like the idea of visiting Grandma Adams. I have been wanting to do this myself. She even asked me to visit often with the baby. It just sucks that I am so far away, and when I come down i never make time for it. She was such a hoot at my baby shower. Every week might be hard to visit, but once or twice a month would be a good start. I hate hearing of her stories of all her friends dying. She needs more happy and fun events to tell stories about. Maybe she would want to come over for Halloween? Anywho, nice thought Zack!