Monday, September 9, 2013

California law slows Zacks work in Wilton

as for spiking reptiles im shooting those tacks from about 25 feet out on a blowdart gun so its a lot of fun im also shooting my comp with pointless tacks so it wont stick into him mostly when he makes trunky comments :) also I love roping. not a lot has happened since last week we have gotten a lot of new investigators and lost 2 baptisms do to stupid California government! I hate California government! they will be baptized in December though :) anyway its really hot in California and I learned that if you jay walk its a 400 dollar fine CRAZAY!!! my comp is sweet and is starting to teach! we are seeing a lot of success and sneaking into a crazy gated community. like imagine pepperwood if the gate guards did their job and you cant just walk in. its nuts! we sneak in 3 times a weeka nd teach people up there until we leave or get kicked out haha! well things are graet here im still enjoying wilton. this doctor guy fixed my shoulder, jaw, back, and knee! he is a well known physiologist. he is awesome he idd it for FREE! :) so im happy about that. we are doing a cool new thing as missionaries we are doing a priesthood blessing called the saviors peace and blessing and we are leaving it with investigators and while tracting and such its fun so we have been doing that and its been a great way to bring the spirit into lessons, we have felt good everytime we do it and something good has always happened. we also play a tracting game where as soon as we go up to the door we get a word and you have to use it in your tracting approach its fun! my word was gasha doll. I gave my comp hippopotamus. well that's my week really I love you bye! happy birthday to everyone! and try and get me a similar bag to jasons airsofting side bag :) oh and hair parts are no longer required SAWEET!

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