Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zack "babysits" and baptizes!

sounds like a busy life for the family! i think its good an idle mind is the devils playground right? anyway things are great here jsut lemme know when you find a a side bag they hate my backpack sadly :( transfers came in and im staying in wilton thats right im adding on to my 36 weeks here. things have been good! we have 2 baptisms coming up one this week another the next! im still a DL and its literally like babysitting i dunno how people do it! my investigators are more dependable than some missionaries haha! anyway i love it here and im doing good! my mission is flying by way quick! i love you all and im glad things are going well! what ceremony is going on? i jsut got a job offer from one of my converts he said he would buy my plane ticket to hawaii to work for him for a while and then ship me home so i thought that was cool! we will figure out whats up! well love you all! have a great week! want some pics of the holloween stuff :) i miss it! i learned how to frame walls this week and i have been learning just a lot of handy skills. the members here want to offer me so much. one is selling his ranger to me and another wants to teach me how to do basic construction and another how to rope while on a horse so i for sure am visiting. these people have been so great to me and i love them! so mcuh work is getting done! we have had 2 less actives get active and go to the temple and another 3 make the goal to go to the temple and get active along with 2 converts go to the temple so its just so exciting! well love you all!!

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