Monday, September 30, 2013

Zack...baptisms and cattle roping

well sounds like some fun decorating the house! how is the dog doing? sounds like a fun trip up to the temples and such! yea i think its going to be a lot of getting to know people when i get back. we will see how long im home to get to know all these people. yes they still do cattle roping in order to brand the cattle and i have been learning how to do it and i have participated in branding doing ground work so im excited for that! i have also learned how to pour concrete and how to frame a lil bit so that's fun! anyway its been pretty busy! we had two baptisms this week and they were stressful as usual but went through and ended up great! i am still in wilton and workin it harder than ever since i have the feeling this will be my last 6 week period. we also got to see a huge car fire which we took lots of pics of! very cool to call 911 and stuff! there are a lot of fires really close to where we are staying so we have been paying extra attention to whether or not we need to get packing haha! we have 3 baptisms set for October that are for sure happening so we are excited about that! i have been learning a lot about charity and love which i have been studying in the form of the story of ammon and the atonement! its really been very rewarding and also helping me to know there is a lot i need to work on! still working on a good strong testimony of the book of Mormon and that's really important in teaching! we have been blessed to see a ton of success out here! we have had 2 recent converts get sealed in the temple and had 2 inactive families become active and sealed in the temple and we have set goals with 3 more inactive members to become active and prepare for the temple! :) this is a great area to be in. my comp is super cool and we make tons of zoolander jokes! he can do the model face off the movie its funny because we use it in lessons along with the new sayings like " you pickin up what im putting down?" its all fun! well i love you muchly and would appreciate some baptism pics if you can over email or something so i can send that into the mission office and the ward history :) anyway love ya'll and have a great week!

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