Monday, September 9, 2013

Jeremy says "Obedience + The Spirit = Happiness/Success"

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:35 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Hey there everybody! so hey first off I bought a watch because my last one was way to flashy to be wearing around so I got that. So the email should be I think.... I hope at least hahaha I had no idea how much of a difference I made in the people in the area. I loved that ward but I'm glad to be moving ahead. I have had quite the crazy experience this last week. A lot less proselyting and a lot more dealing with missionaries that need help and a little bit of playing Dr. Phil... Its been interesting to transition from working a lot with the ward and investigators to worrying about the way that the Zone is heading.. I'm pumped for the challenge though, as stressful as its been. We 7 new missionaries in our zone so its been a huge task to get things moving. Again though, the challenge is the fun part of it because its really makin me stretch as well as its been making me become more discipline. Also I've been having to be a bit more hardcore about a bunch of stuff, its an interesting transition. As for Jason and such I need to see some pics! I got him a B-Day present that is being sent soon. Tell everyone happy bday for me. Tell Katie congrats for me and everything, I think that is awesome that she is becoming so involved in life... She is much smarter then I was then hahahaha As for kev movin out that is crazy. Everything is gettin flipped around over at the homestead. Tell kev to hit me up sometime, I need to write him a letter or somethin..... So my new comp is a boss, Elder Raulston. He's from Salem Utah. I'm serving in the Turner ward with him and things are going crazy in the ward as well. Haven't had a chance to talk with much of the ward yet cause of stake conference. We met Elder Paul Christensen of the 70. We had a good talk with him about the work. I've been meeting a lot of general authorities these days. I'm glad I worked out my repentance before I talked with him. Well I love you all and hope all is well. Life is good, its challenging but I love it. I hope that you are having a great time now that its Fall again. Things are still pretty toasty here but I think that we are going to be gettin cold soon.. Also I took a strenghts test that was provided by the President. I'll email you the stuff asap just so you can check it out. It was really cool. I love ya and miss you very much, but I have truly begun to love the savior. I love the book of mormon, its totally changed my life. I recognize that I need to change a lot of things now and that I need to cut off a lot of friends... Its going to be hard, but I recognize that I need to be in a situation that I can stay a worthy priesthood holder. I can't do that if I'm around my homies. Unfortunatly I have let the devil get some ground on the carnal man in me and I can't gain that ground back so I need to just cut ties.. Life is changing very quickly, its been a trip and a half. Pray for the work in the area here and in your ward. Look for missionary opportunities everywhere you go. Watch the Work of Salvation broadcarst again and apply it into the fam's life and we will find happiness. I've learned that Obedience + the spirit= Happiness/success. Its a true principle and I love it. Well I love ya'll again. Keep on being awesome. Tell Liam and Alex I love the guys and Tell Steph and Slade that I hope things are going great. Kayla is gettin HUGE! Peace out padre. Elder Larsen Sr.

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