Monday, September 16, 2013

Jeremys lesson in free agency

Howdy! so this has been an intense week. Its been crazy spiritually and then physically. As for my physical health I'm doing better. My new comp Elder Raulston is an awesome comp and I feel like the stress is down so I'm doin better. I'm still on a much different diet and I can't eat a lot of food but its better. I haven't heard of new baptismal stuff but maybe its just for the bishops and so on. In our zone we have over 22 and a senior couple. 7 are new and 2 are 6 weeks in. If you take the added up time on the misson of about half of our zone Elder Raulston and my time added together is still more then there time out.... Needless to say this has been a cause of extreme crazy times. Lots of disrespect, and a lot of lack of diligence in the companionships. Its been interesting.. Karma, I was disrespectful now its comin back. We learned a principle through this though. Regardless of the respect, we love them, we teach the principle and invite to live, and love them more. I've never loved a group of missionaries so much. It kills me to see some of them make the decisions they are making but I know if we trust them they will figure it out. I've learned a really cool principle thanks to the spirit recently. "Happiness doesn't come from living the gospel, it comes from understanding and choosing to live the gospel."(2nep 2: 27-28) Agency is the key to everything I swear it is haha Who is shelia again?? do we have any pics of the horse racing cause that sounds awesome haha What is regional conference and when am I invited? I want to see Pres. Packer, he's the man! Nelson is dope as well but its Packer... As for those missonaries, they sound like they are pretty funny guys. I know a few Elders like them haha Did they beat the sisters? if not they should be in trouble, that would be really lame on there end to lose to sister missionaries. So This week we had MLC and we had some people from LDS buisness college come talk with us. I took a strengths assesment test by Gallop that was really cool and we talked about the strenghts that we all have. I have Restorative, Competition, context, focus, and learner. It was really cool to see what my strengths are on paper. Its actually described me pretty well. I'll try and email ya the info on it. Missionary Leadership Counsil was intense though. We learned some pretty hardcore doctrine and how to apply it to our lives and the lives of the missonaries that we serve around. Something I learned is that God does remover our Agency from time to time if we aren't able to make a decision that would be unbiased (Alma 12: 21) He took away the choice for them to take the fruit because they coulnd't comprehend the outcome of that decision. Also Antionah is a punk for trying to catch them in their words... Them Judges be fools! I need to still send that present for Jason still. I haven't had time to breath with all the crud goin on here. I thought I was busy in my last area, but I was very wrong. Life here is just nuts. Well I love ya'll and hope all is well. Tell Kevin, Jason, and Katie that I love them and hope that all is well. Whats goin on wtih the wedding for Jason? Whats goin on with Kev and hows School going for Katie so far? Also I will be renewing my license out here soon. I'm going to need 250 dollars to do so though, I will have to renew it in Utah, then take a test here in Oregon and then I'll get a oregon driver licence. I need to get one though. President asked me to get it so I'm going to. I love ya'll and hope life is good in the hood. Peace and Love!

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