Monday, September 16, 2013

Zack sets up baptisms

sounds like an intense week my friend. sounds like the longer I stay in wilton the more cowboy you get....... your watching horse racing? that's not what I would have ever thought of you doing. well sounds like a fine set of missionaries you got there! glad they are challenging you to do something I would have made fun of them if they didn't because they would be fake :) I didn't even know we had missionaries in the ward. I never saw them growing up. its true what pres packer is saying you need to surround yourself with whats good! you cant dwell in temptation for a long time and expect to stay on the straight and narrow. I love still being in wiltona nd we invited yet another investigator to baptism he accepted for the 28th so we are going to have 2 for the 28th and we have 3 set up for October so we are really excited and really working on staying obedient. opening a new district has been hard since im a first time district leader and one of my missionarie sets im over is struggling pretty bad but ill keep on them me and the zone leaders are working hard with them. well things are great! we got transfers coming up soon so im interested in whats going to happen. well love ya and hope all is well! enjoy the week!!!!! love you all and let me know how this years Halloween goes I miss decorating that! love you!

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