Monday, September 23, 2013

Jeremy and LOTS of Zone work

HOLA, So this has been a crazy week.. Thanks for going and getting that taken care of, that was really appreciated. I'll call them up and get stuff taken care of. The only issue is that I don't have my license so I'll need to get a copy of it sent to me somehow, I'll talk to them and get it taken care of. So I'm going to be sending a bunch of clothes home soon. I don't fit into any of my clothing anymore haha I got a new suit and am in the process of getting my white shirts replaced. One of the suits I came out with is way to big and the other is just a bit to big. So If you need a new suit and it fits anyone its still a great suit just not my size anymore. I'll keep on trying to keep the cost down but I know I've been bustin you back there... My weight is sticking at about 175 but I'm working out a lot more now and thats been helpin my stress level. I really do believe thats all that is going on. I am mentally able to deal with stress but my body is taking a beating. The work here is going well, we still aren't able to get out and do much in our own area and our zone is really strugglin, but we are doing what we can to help out. We are working with an awesome family, the Frasers. They are one of the most solid families I've met out on my mission. I can't wait for them to be members of the church and really begin to recognize the blessings that will come from living the gospel standards. They have 3 daughters and a son. The dad is a return missionary that was a convert that just got into some bad situations after, but he has a solid testimony. I saw the pictures that Steph took at HavasuPie, I'm super upset I missed that, its gorgeous.... We need to hit that bad boy up, that looks like a trip of a life time. Kayla is freakin adorable. Eric has a gnarly beard thing goin on hahaha Jason moved out??? Where is he living now?? Close to home or way away?? Where is Ammon stayin at?? Is he getting married as well?? Errybody back in the crib gettin hitched and movin on with life haha I'm sure this is how Kevin felt as well though so its just what it is. Life continues to move on, improvement and progression have one eternal round etc etc etc... hahahaahah This last week has been very wet again, the good times are over when it comes to summer around here. Today Shipley ( my comp from Springfield), Ande's (another guy I served around in Springfield), and the 4 Spanish Zone Leaders went on a hike at an awesome waterfall, Silver Creek Falls, it was legit.. I've got some pics I'll show you. I also went to the Temple on Wednesday. First time going through the Temple and actually being worthy to do it... It was incredible, I've never felt the spirit so strongly in my life I felt like I really was in the presence of out Heavenly Father. I look forward to being able to go back and check that out in a few months. I can't wait for us to have the opportunity to go through at some later time as well. I've really enjoyed the last week, this transfer has been going by way to quickly. Sound like you know the feeling though, Darlene sounds like she's busy as all get out ha Life gets very fast when things are busy, this is something I'm sure you are all familiar with... The mission really has just gotten way to fast, I don't even know whats happening with the time but its getting lost somehow. Some other news, everyone in the Salem mission is going to get 50% off of going to the LDS business college, do you know anythin about that school?? Our mission pres is working with them a lot so they are hooking up everyone from the OSM with a year long scholarship. Is that a solid school or do you know?? All in all this has been one of the best transfers of my mission so far, work wise its been difficult and stress is definitely at an all time high, but my comp is a solid kid, I love the guy. Being around Shipley again and Andes has been a blast. I've also learned what the spirit of the law means. I am doing my best to understand the principles of the gospel and live them so I can be accountable for my decisions, both positively if I break one of the laws for the negative. With having an understanding though I have noticed many more blessings for choosing to do what the Lord needs me to do. Raulston is great, the friends I've made out here are ones that I'll be able to fall back on when all is said and done. The mission pres is really trying to prepare me for the real trials when this mission of mine is done and I feel like I'm on the right track to have a good shot at success. I love what is happening to me out here, I love this work and I love all of you. I hope that all of you are doing well. Tell Kevin to hit me up if he's home I need to get a letter out to that kid. You all are in my prayers. Love ya... Elder J Larsen Sr.

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