Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zack tries to "slay the slang" (again)

im loosing the battle so slay the slang I need my angry words. I also have been using the term "gay as aids" when something makes me upset. still working on it. this week we played volleyball for someones baptism best out of 3 and its 1-1 so this week is game day haha! as for elder mahaa he is sweet I hope you know him because when we are in Tahiti we are for sure visiting his family! you never addressed my request on the Tahiti trip :) anyway still disagreeing with the flat changing to not a bachelor pad just so you know that's my vote. im sure its jeremys vote as well :) I speak for him now muwahaha! did you convince jasons wife to be to do temple endownments? sometimes when we run into concerns about not being ready for baptism we just go through the baptismial interview questions slowly with them and if they are in line with that then they are ready and it helps them realize that. so tell her to talk to the bishop and go through the questions. i like snakes so that's awesome! I want to see the pretty lil thing! we had a pet snake that I captured and now im just taking up hunting small animals with my blow dart gun I have killed a lizard and a frog, im hunting this tailess lizard and now im moving up to possums :) its good fun! I got me a belt buckle a nice leather belt for free and a cowboy hat so now im just working on the boots :) so some new rules hit the mission and I got one more request for you! first thank you so so so much for the pants I love them, they are lil a long but I can fix that :) thanks!!! now backpacks are apostate to have because "its not professional" so I need a side bag instead so if Jason wants to semi redeem himself I have a request for him :) his shoulder bag he used for airsofting I want one like that :) he should get it for me :) as for my bike ill be trying to fix it or replace it but its pretty darn messed up :( well the work is great the members are great and my comp is amazing! I love it in wilton. being a DL is hard though I feel like a babysitter

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